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Aluminum doors and Windows equipment manufacturers teach you how to buy equipment?


There are still many aluminum door and window equipment manufacturers. With the continued development of the construction industry, buildings start from the ground, and then disturb the decoration problem. Doors and Windows are necessary for every family, and the market is naturally very large. For broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows, not to mention, the use of this type of doors and Windows accounts for most of the time. As a manufacturer of broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows equipment, let's teach talent how to buy a high-function production equipment.

① depends on the profile of broken bridge aluminum door and window equipment. The stand or fall of profile directly resolved the stand or fall of door window. The Windows and doors of the broken profile cost low strength and simple discoloration deformation.

(2) Accessories for door and window equipment. The selection of hardware, steel lining, wool and other accessories of door and window equipment is the key to making high-quality doors and Windows. When WINDOW OF MODEL STEEL DOOR MATCHES HOLLOW GLASS, COMPONENT OF EVERY SQUARE METRE SURPASSES 40kg PERHAPS, VERY TALL TO ALL SORTS OF FITTINGS REQUIREMENT SO. The quality of parts of different manufacturers is very different, and the price is several times different. The defective parts are damaged after a short time of use, resulting in the window sash sagging, push and pull fixed, loose switch, no seal

The production process of the equipment. The process of doors and Windows equipment determines whether the whole function of doors and Windows is outstanding. According to the relevant specification requirements, the diagonal difference of plastic steel doors and Windows should be controlled within 2-3mm, which requires certain consumer equipment and skills as skills around, and the requirements for staff are also relatively high.

The above three talents need to be taken into account when making a reasonable selection, and we hope that today's sharing can help us to be able to play a certain role!

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