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What is the future development trend of aluminum door and window equipment?


When it comes to door and window equipment, it is necessary to mention aluminum door and window equipment, and then it is necessary to mention broken bridge aluminum door and window equipment. At present, the shopping mall is still quite large, but it is inevitable that there are many impostors mixed in there, and the phenomenon of hypocrisy keeps appearing.

Now, according to statistics, aluminum doors and Windows occupy a large proportion in our market. Enquiries SHOW THAT THE market share OF wooden Windows is only 0.3%, and aluminum Windows account for half OF THE MARKET, which has a great influence on customers. The results of the interview show that customers once thought they had to buy wooden doors. Because that one looks hierarchical. Now, with the increase of aluminum window mall space, especially in the second and third tier cities, aluminum window is still in the development situation, the development space is wider and wider. Coupled with the warmth of the housing market, promote the development of aluminum window frames. Now doors and Windows occupation can be said to be fish get water, the development of momentum is very agile. It's not hard to understand why aluminum window frames are mixed together.

Aluminum door and window equipment manufacturers also show that these conditions can not prevent the development, in the initiative of environmental protection and energy saving today, has become the trend of shopping malls to carry out, together also inherited the concept of energy saving. Because PEOPLE PROGRESS TO THE REQUIREMENT OF LIFESTYLE, THE ENERGY IDEA THAT SEEKS IS DIFFERENT, THE HOUSE IS DECORATED ALSO PRODUCED NEW THINKING TO CHANGE. Door WINDOW DOES NOT WANT TO HAVE CERTAIN BEAUTIFUL REQUIREMENT ONLY, NOTICE THE RAW MATERIAL OF DOOR WINDOW EVEN, HEAT PRESERVATION ACTION AND LIFE NUMBER. Now, the energy-saving aluminum window frame is only a model, bearing the social interests, after all, the completion of environmental protection and energy saving is also the reason for the popularity of broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows equipment.

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