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Aluminum door and window equipment is how to produce doors and Windows?


There are many people who use broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows in the market, and there are many natural manufacturers of doors and Windows. Then there is little understanding of how this kind of doors and Windows is produced. Today, broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows equipment manufacturers can work together to share the production related problems!

1. Select materials.

In fact, when most manufacturers receive the broken bridge aluminum profile, it is a profile about six meters long. Instead of cutting the profile directly into the device, it puts a nylon insulation strip between the two profiles. As long as this, it can constitute nylon heat insulation broken bridge aluminum profile. As long as this is the case, the window can be useful to prevent heat conduction, with the function of thermal insulation.

Article 2. The wear.

Wearing is actually a technical operation, because the mechanical equipment has no softness, when wearing can not be made in strict accordance with the process, the heat insulation and sound insulation effect will not occur in the broken bridge aluminum window frame, so this is very demanding.

3. The rolling machine rolls.

The rolling machine rolling is actually the broken bridge aluminum profile of the especially high pressure rolling machine. The profile after rolling machine can be said to be a good profile. The broken bridge aluminum profile after rolling is not only the tightness added, the hardness of the profile is also added.

4. Cut the profile.

The profile is generally cut according to the door and window standards of the customized home, and the data is cut. If the incision is not smooth, the later reuse will be air leakage.

5. The coating.

The second is the processing of painting color, now many manufacturers are using electrophoretic painting technology, painting color is especially bright, will not fade or paint.

The above five points are the general process of the production of broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows equipment. We hope that we can understand something!

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