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Aluminum door and window equipment installation problem analysis


Aluminum door and window equipment manufacturers today for everyone to share the device problem of the equipment, maybe some partners after buying the equipment, there are a few mistakes in the device, and it is because of these mistakes that the equipment presents problems, the life of the serious practice may be affected.

In order to enable our customers to better install and use aluminum window frame equipment, the next modification will briefly introduce the installation preparation of broken bridge aluminum window frame equipment.

1. Electric power: the common voltage of the equipment is 380V. When wiring, it is necessary to pay attention to the connection of wiring and zero line. Device manufacturers are divided into different colors. In general, the wiring and neutral line color Settings are determined by different manufacturers. If the connection is opposite, as long as the two ends of the connection can be replaced freely.

2, air source aspect: because the device is the pressure of the cylinder pressure data, to ensure sufficient air inflow is the condition of equipment used, if the pressure can not reach, the broken bridge aluminum double cut saw blade in and out will be affected by will, corresponding processing effect would also be affected, usually broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows equipment pressure reached eight pressure, inlet flow rate reached 0.3.

There may be some differences in the equipment purchased by different manufacturers, and there are many categories of broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows equipment. We should regularly check the operation status when using it. The above is what we share today.

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