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What are the advantages of aluminum door and window equipment?


Aluminum doors and Windows equipment trust is not the industry to understand very little, but its function is not to be ignored. As the saying goes, three points of information, seven points of processing, good broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows cannot be separated from high-quality broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows equipment.

Aluminum profile sawing is the first and necessary equipment in aluminum door and window processing. Aluminum doors and Windows take section cutting as the starting point, in the whole process, section cutting is also a relatively important process. The cutting accuracy of aluminum doors and Windows (such as length error, viewpoint error) directly affects the cutting viewpoint accuracy and strength of aluminum doors and Windows, thus affecting its scale accuracy and viewpoint accuracy. Aluminum type cutting boot is important to include aluminum type double-end cutting boot, aluminum type single-end cutting boot, aluminum door and window code cutting boot. The DOORS and Windows of so MANY varieties produce equipment on the market, use it to have why advantage?

1. In order to decrease the heat conduction rate, the thermal conductivity of the insulation broken bridge aluminum alloy profile is 1.8 ~ 3.5w/m2k, far lower than the general aluminum alloy profile 140 ~ 170w/m2k, the thermal conductivity of the window and door is 2.0 ~ 3.59w/m2k, far lower than the general aluminum profile 6.69 ~ 6.84w/m2k.

2. Avoid condensation: the temperature of the inside and outside surface of the profile with the tropics is close to the indoor temperature, which reduces the possibility of indoor moisture condensation caused by supersaturation.

3. Energy saving: in winter, the window frame with insulation strip can greatly reduce the heat dissipation through the window frame by 1/3; In summer, window frames with insulation strips can reduce the heat dissipation through the window frame more.

4. Environmental protection: in the use of heat insulation system, can reduce energy consumption, together can also reduce the environmental radiation formed by air conditioning and heating. Health: The heat exchange between the human body and the environment depends on indoor temperature, wind speed and outdoor temperature. Adjust the indoor temperature of doors and Windows, so that it is between 12 and 13℃, to reach a comfortable environment.

5. Noise reduction: the selection of hollow glass structure of different thickness and heat insulation broken bridge aluminum cavity structure can be useful to reduce the resonance effect of sound waves, isolation of sound transmission, noise reduction can reach more than 30dB.

6 bright color: the selection of anodic oxidation, powder spraying, fluorocarbon spraying and other surface treatment methods, can produce different colors of aluminum profiles, after rolling pressure, insulating aluminum doors and Windows to produce different colors of indoor Windows.

Broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows equipment as high precision, high efficiency production equipment, is the large-scale production of aluminum doors and Windows of the ambition equipment.

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