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How should aluminum door and window equipment be maintained in daily use


Aluminum doors and Windows equipment manufacturers for our partners to share how to protect broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows. Now the doors and Windows on the market are generally made of aluminum alloy raw materials, and some people should have some unfamiliar broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows, but this kind of doors and Windows is very popular with the masses because of its function. Even if the function is very strong, we also need to pay attention to the usual protection operations. Here is a look with Xiaobian!

First, when cleaning the broken bridge aluminum window frame, do not step on the window frame, nor pull the structure of the broken bridge aluminum window frame to support the body. Because the weight of the body will make the door and window frame deformed, damaged, unable to use, so other objects can be used instead.

Next, THERE ARE A LOT OF DUST IN THE TROUGH OF DOOR WINDOW AND DOORFRAME, IF DO NOT CLEAN FOR A LONG TIME, DUST CAN MAKE OF DOOR WINDOW PUSH CLOSE BECOMES DIFFICULT. First SCRUB WITH WET towel, IF DIRT IS unclean, also CAN clean WITH NEUTRAL detergent. Do not use strong acid alkaline detergent. As a result of the chemical action in detergent doors and Windows echo, corrosion doors and Windows.

When it rains, the water will run into the ditch. The mud will be more difficult to dispose of after drying if it is not cleaned immediately. In ADDITION, RAIN contains a lot OF acid material, IF you have rain on the window and door, not clean for a long time, window and door can change because of rain corrosion. Yellow, not beautiful, doors and Windows rusted, doors and Windows pushed and pulled become dull. Therefore, after rainy days, we should timely tidy up the rain on the doors and Windows to avoid leaving. Together, ALSO CAN BESMEAR ON DOOR WINDOW OIL OR WAX, BE EQUIVALENT TO STICK A PROTECTIVE FILM IN DOOR WINDOW. Keep doors and Windows clean at all times to prevent them from being corroded by rain.

No matter what kind of door and window equipment, we need to pay attention to irregular protection, so as to extend the life of the customary use. Expect today's sharing can play a certain help to us, if you want to understand aluminum alloy doors and Windows equipment or other doors and Windows processing equipment can come to consult us!

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