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The reason for the rough cutting surface of the cutting machine of aluminum door and window equipment


What is the reason for the uneven cutting surface of the automatic aluminum cutting machine of aluminum door and window equipment:

It is a problem often asked by many customers in the whole process of use. Many people will feel that the saw blade is the reason for visualization, but in detailed use, there is a certain probability that other elements will form automatic aluminum cutting machine and equipment cutting surface surface is not lubricated.

① Elements of saw blade

It is the general occurrence of laser cutting surface is not lubricated, the first should be taken into account and eradication of the elements. According to the grasp of the saw blade is not sharp, there are also saw blade teeth, thickness, diameter and other specifications are not according to the thickness of laser cutting products to useful selection?

② Elements of refrigeration

Check the automatic aluminum cutting machine machine equipment refrigeration equipment is not all normal operation, assuming that refrigeration is not timely, there will be laser cutting products surface lubrication.

③ Operational elements

Automatic type aluminum cutter machine while open material automatic cutting machine is a kind of simple and easy, but will also be necessary to practical operation personnel understand the way the machine actual operating machinery and equipment, especially in the necessary practical work personnel to understand the different special specifications of raw materials and different laser cutting requirements, to regulate and appropriate actual operating machinery and equipment. For example, when laser cutting some thin material, it is necessary for us to reduce the pressure accepted by the stripping equipment operation, meet the shape of the raw material, to understand the use of stripping limit switch block to expand stripping assistance, for different products to choose different cutting rate to expand laser cutting.

(4) Elements of machinery and equipment

When the probability of eradication in the future, the problem can not be dealt with, we need to take into account whether the machine equipment elements of the formation of the cutting surface is not lubricated. First confirm the stripping pad under the stripping equipment is not everything normal, if there is more serious wear may damage the reliability of laser cutting stripping, when the machine and equipment in laser cutting raw materials are not consolidated pressure, it will damage the surface lubrication of laser cutting products. In addition, it is necessary to check whether the saw shaft of the automatic aluminum cutting machine and equipment is all normal. It can be distinguished according to the inner diameter dial gauge and the method of listening to the sound. Assuming that the fundamental discrimination is the elements of machinery and equipment, it is proposed to immediately contact the manufacturer after-sales service to help deal with.

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