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What are the production costs of aluminum doors and Windows equipment?


What is the cost of broken bridge aluminum door and window equipment?

Broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows profile: broken bridge aluminum alloy profile finished product window is very large proportion, milky white or colorful broken bridge aluminum alloy profile 22,000 yuan/ton, dark brown champagne broken bridge aluminum alloy profile 2300 zero yuan/ton, light color champagne broken bridge aluminum alloy profile 24,000 yuan/ton. 22000 tons of aluminum profile can do about 130 square meters of window sash, casement window manufacturers 100 square meters, sliding door 70 square meters, 90 square meters of window.

② Hardware: The stand or fall of hardware accessories in very large level affect the price of the window, such as import hardware and domestic hardware quality difference is very big, import hardware no problem commonly used 20000 times, sales on the market at present stage the hardware of high-grade door window were French imports to manufacturers in key parts of the better application of imported goods, In the general position the application of domestic goods; The WINDOW THAT A FEW SMALL MANUFACTURERS PRODUCE APPLIES DOMESTIC GOODS, SO BASICALLY SHOW WANTS TO BE ON PRICE AT LEAST HALF ABOVE. Domestic casement window manufacturers hardware 150 yuan/set, push and pull window hanging window hardware 280 yuan/set, sliding door hardware 580; Imported casement window manufacturer hardware 240 yuan/set, push and pull window hanging window hardware 360 yuan/set, sliding door hardware 720 yuan/set. The hardware for moving the window is 80 yuan.

③ Hollow glass Windows: broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows are all floating hollow glass Windows, 5+12+5 hollow glass Windows per square meter is about 60 yuan/square meter. Hollow glass window is made of two (or three) laminated glass, the application of high toughness and high tightness compound adhesive, glass lens and aluminum alloy profile structure containing moisture-proof agent bonding, made of high efficiency sound insulation noise reduction glass insulation. It has excellent heat insulation, noise reduction and sound insulation performance. It can not only consider the requirements of contemporary office and home, but also reasonably save resources.

④ Anti-theft screen window: broken bridge aluminum alloy window applicable to the most number of hidden window screen, anti-theft screen window about the price of 150 yuan/set, anti-theft screen window is the diamond yarn can fully automatic rewinding window screen. It is mainly used for natural ventilation and mosquito prevention. The FRAME IS ATTACHED TO THE WINDOW TO PULL THE YARNS OUT WHEN NEEDED, AND THE YARNS ARE AUTOMATICALLY REwound INTO THE MESH BOX when not NEEDED. Does not occupy the interior space, and the tightness is strong.

⑤ Sealing solution: the sealing solution of the window and door is pressure sealing rubber strip, filling foam, structural glue, sealant, etc. The cost of this sealing solution is about 20 yuan/square meter. The famous brand of sealing rubber strip is EPDM, the famous brand of foam is Sanles, the famous brand of structural rubber is Dow Corning, the famous brand of sealant is Dow Corning, all of which are good well-known brands.

⑥ Manpower cost: broken bridge aluminum alloy window production cost is 25 yuan/square meter, installation cost is 35 yuan square meter.

⑦ Transportation depreciation cost, profit, tax: transportation depreciation rate is about 2%, profit is about 8%, tax is about 5%.

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